Snow board equalls slow board to Canada

Waiting for deliveries that I think will never come.

Not even in this country, but that of number three son.

It will be a doddle mum, as easy as pie.

just put it on an aeroplane and to me it will fly.

The messages go easy as they fly across the world.

But a mix up at customs meant the package it still swirled.

First its here and then its there, now sent on without delay.

Don’t think the delivery guy is working today.

Telephone the office to track it to its source.

Will it be delivered today?  Why yes of course.

They tell me patience is a virtue and has its own reward.

But the total cost of this package is turning out to be more than I can afford.

If it doesn’t get there soon, its off on a plane Ill go.

To deliver it in person, so my son can play in the snow.


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