kitten cat

Sitting on the window sill and look out at the birds.

Is it still a flock or do they fly in herds?

All this watching is tiring, I think Ill go back to bed.

Or may be eat some of the crunchies that I like instead.

It is such a work out keeping one’s stripes straight.

I have to take my time with that, even if it makes me late.

My harem of females try to keep me on my toes.

pushing at my patience to the limit, god knows.

I have to lie in the sun to work on my tan.

And put up with the frootling of that male human.

People think I’m cute and pretty as I lie around and wait.

Not paying the due reverence expected to my lordly state.

I go through the cat flap with a disdainful flick of my tail.

I am most insistent that my knock be answered without fail.

To all those honored to live within my grace,

Should appreciate the lengths I go to to wash my face.

That I am beautiful, there can be no doubt.

But if you want me to stay around, just don’t shout.


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