Today seems likely to be the straw that broke this camels back
Is the journey I am taking, so off the beaten track
Looking now for guidance, a sign to set me straight
Pull me back from the edge before it is too late
The wind, it blows relentless, the rain beats on the sill
I’m thankful that for now, I have a roof still
What don’t break you, makes you stronger; or so the saying goes.
Am I yet more to be tested to keep me on my toes
I see these trials for what they are. No disaster do I claim
I take what is before me, there is non to blame
And so the world continues still, on its axis to spin
While the moon she still shines, bright as a pin
Return to tales of lore and fable
Brings love and adventure to the minds table
Nourishes and nurtures, developing strength and gall
Prepares for times ahead, when pride comes before each fall
I will rise above the darkening night and try hard not to fawn
To wait, to watch and to endure until the new light of the dawn


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