There are no words to express for the evil that is in the world.

Sometimes it lurks and sometimes it is blatant, but it is always there.

Life is so fleeting and gone in a flash, terrifying in its vulnerability.

We should not judge, we do not know how evil has come about, but beware.

Beware for it is always there, waiting in the shadows, under stones or in your face.

Victims of evil are often innocent, sometimes they are not.

If we were not there then we do not know.. what ever we may think.

Wrong is wrong, whether in Gaza, Dunblaine or Connecticut, people still got shot.

Still…..the hate.. and do not judge, for violence will continue to breed itself.

Look for the love, the stillness in your heart and within it find the peace.

To grow and rise above the pain that will never be denied

Use your power for good of all and never, ever cease.

To love


love and there will be PEACE.


2 thoughts on “Peace

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