All is love

Wreaked, exhausted, beleaguered, belittled,

Once more nature’s soul laid bare.

Abundance, effervescence, new growth unfolding.

Renewal demands that all, shall once more be fair.

Clouds skid and speed across the sky.

Ever on with their journey, they fly, they fly.

The storm gather pace howling in fury

The wind it pushes, bent on it’s task.

To drive the rain, to quench the thirst.

After a while the sun lifts his mask.

Giving life and warmth to nurture the new.

Spreading across the expanse, a blanket of love.

Just enough, not too much, not too little.

The universe knows its own needs and will repair.

Mend and make do, replace and replenish until all is love.

All is love.

All is love.


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