You might be all they have.

Sat in a room.
can you guess where i am?
People of ages , colours, and creeds,
Different levels of discomfort.
Caught up in their own misery,
Not seeing beyond the now,
Not seeing the beauty within,

Can you who cure, see the spark?
The will to live and thrive.
Not the vessel that shows its weakness here.
Not the skin with imperfections needing to clear.  

See who I am, see me.
Drawing the strength that lies deep.
A laugh to hide the pain.
A word to comfort another.
I sit, 
I lie, 
I watch,
I listen,
I wait.

You who cure, with your expectations.
Should listen, watch,  hear.

The patient is a patient, 
Has too.....
Be patient, 
be a patient,
be a good patient, 
be strong, 
Lie still, 
don't move, 
breath in, 
breath out,
Just a small scratch, 
This might hurt a bit.

Then still there is doubt,
Don't really know what is what.
Could it be that you eat a lot?
One more test then it is done,
Do you exercise?
Do you get fresh air?
We still don't know what it is to be fair.

To you who cure, I say.
Reach and touch the person.
Take time to explore the reason. 
See who they are,
Before they go on their path.
You might be all they have!!!!!

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