Witch tales

Yesterday I met a fellow dyslexic-dyslexia rules KO. She told me about how when she went to school, she struggled to learn to read. She said she was constantly told off about her scruffy writing. Worst of all, she was often told (by teachers) that she was stupid. She also said her dyslexia had not been diagnosed until she went to higher education and was on placement in her mid twenties. A familiar story, you might think? Yes, all too familiar. I had very similar experiences at school except I was hit for my ‘ stupidity’ as well as all of the other stuff. I was also bullied unmercifully and put into the backward class. Imagine the degradation and embarrassment I put up with day after day, with very little intervention from people who were meant to protect and teach me.

So what you might ask is my point? Well…

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